Guidelines and Best Practices

For online yoga instruction (4.5 Hours Yoga Alliance CPD)

  • Go beyond the basics

    Learn how to strategically utilize streaming platforms to deliver online classes that are inclusive, supportive, and interactive.

  • Refine your online cueing

    Develop clear teaching objectives, utilize the three different types of cues, and edit your words for clarity and effectiveness.

  • Master mixed level teaching

    Expand your sequencing, cueing, and class management skills to support a wide variety of students practising together.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Tools for teaching online

    • Welcome

    • Opening Practice

    • Attitude Check

    • The Basics

    • How do we stay embodied?

    • Should I buy a microphone?

    • The Group and The Individual

    • Static vs. Dynamic Content

    • Signposting

    • Sequencing for Online

    • How should we handle students who do not share video?

    • Cueing and Demoing for Beginners

    • Using the polling function on Zoom

    • How to Use Your Words Online

    • Connect and Grow

    • Teaching longer format trainings online

    • Teaching shorter format classes online

    • The Importance of Simplicity and Repetition

    • Top Tips and Recap

    • Powerpoint Slides

  • 2

    Tools for cueing online

    • Opening Practice

    • Why Cueing Matters

    • What are you teaching through yoga?

    • Teaching Objectives

    • Self-Confidence and Self-Inquiry

    • Basic Instructional Cues

    • Practice: Basic Instructional Cues

    • Beyond Basic Cues

    • Refining Cues

    • Practice: Refining and Visual Cues

    • Visual, Metaphorical, and Poetical Cues

    • Practice: Tree Pose with Visual, Metaphorical, and Poetical Cues

    • Editing your words

    • Effective Demoing

    • Not Demoing

    • Watching your students

    • Cueing for Beginners vs. Experienced Students

    • Cueing Advice

    • Top Tips and Recap

    • How cues can add variety to your sequences

    • How to stay inspired

    • Closing Practice

    • Powerpoint Slides

    • Cueing Handout

  • 3

    Tools for teaching mixed levels online

    • Opening Practice

    • Are mixed level classes a good idea?

    • How do we define mixed levels?

    • Shared Experience, Practice, and Humanity

    • Basic Guidelines

    • Why are some yoga poses hard?

    • How to choose options for students

    • Demoing for Mixed Levels

    • Should I name the pose as I cue it?

    • Modifying for Wrist Problems

    • Students who can't follow, are un-coordinated, or just don't get it...

    • How to choose hard poses for mixed levels

    • How to teach: Sun Salutations and Chaturanga (and taking options in general)

    • How to teach: Inversions

    • How to teach: Forward Bends

    • How to teach: Arm Balances

    • How to teach: Backbends

    • How to get feedback from students

    • How to slow students down

    • How to deal with a student's fear

    • Recap and Top Tips

    • Closing Practice

    • Power Point Slides

  • 4

    CPD Approval

    • Request Yoga Alliance CPD