A Practical Tool-Kit For Teachers and Inquisitive Students

6 Hours Yoga Alliance CE Credit

  • Refine and Problem Solve

    Tune-up common yoga postures that involve the shoulders and wrists, build new strength and mobility, and clarify and correct common misconceptions

  • Short Video Tutorials and Practices

    Fifty short video tutorials, talks, and practices that teach each subject in short and easy to comprehend segments

  • Audio Experiential Practices

    Exclusive audio practices, including one full-length class, focused on reinforcing the new approaches and material you will learn

Course curriculum

  • 3

    Shoulder Fundamentals

    • Actions of the Shoulder

    • Why do we externally rotate?

    • Why do we internally rotate?

    • Know Your Angles for Flexion

    • Stop pulling shoulder blades down in arms overhead positions

    • Shoulder Actions Aren't Pure

    • Why is someone more (or less) mobile than me?

  • 4

    Wrist Fundamentals

    • Actions of the wrist

    • Know your angles

    • Wrists, Yoga, and Pain-Free Practice

    • Healing and Preventing Wrist Pain (Doug Keller)

    • Wrist Range of Motion (One Assessment of Many)

  • 5

    Fundamentals Audio Practice

    • Recap and Audio Practice

  • 6

    Weight Bearing

    • Where should I bear weight in my wrists?

    • Weight-bearing in wrists warm-up

    • Spread your shoulders when bearing weight

    • Quick fixes for the wrist

  • 7

    Shoulder Strength and Mobility Drills

    • Shoulder Circles

    • Straight Arm Rotations

    • Bent Arm Rotations

    • Scapular Pushups

    • Shoulder Flexion Strength Building

    • Shoulder Circles in a Lunge

    • Add Push and Pull to your Practice

    • External/Internal/Bend/Straight All-in-one Drill

  • 8

    Static Shoulder Stretches

    • Garudasana and Variations

    • Gomukhasana without distortion or compensation

    • Back of Shoulder Floor Opener

    • Front of Shoulder and Chest Floor Opener

    • Thread the needle back of shoulder stretch

    • Upward Plank Variation

    • Back of shoulder stretch from wide-legged fold

    • Internal Rotation Stretch

  • 9

    Dynamic Shoulder Stretches

    • Dynamic Garudasana Arms

    • Dynamic Gomukhasana Arms

  • 10

    Practice and Guide: Know your angles to stretch your shoulders

    • Front, back, and side of shoulder stretching

  • 11

    Wrist Strength and Mobility Drills

    • Wrist Mobility Warm-Up

    • Wrist Flexion Mobility Warm-Up

    • Develop strength in wrist and forearm in standing poses

  • 12

    Downward-facing Dog Pose

    • Hand Position in Downward-facing Dog

    • One Simple Change for Down Dog Weight Bearing

    • Down Dog Blanket Trick for Wrists

  • 13

    Plank & Side Plank

    • Plank Pose

    • Side Plank Pose

  • 14

    Chaturanga Dandasana

    • Warm Up Before Your Chaturanga!

  • 15

    Upward-facing Dog Pose

    • Addressing common problems in up-dog

    • How to Practise Upward-facing Dog Pose

  • 16

    Upward Salute in Sun Salutes

    • Upward Salute, Shoulder Flexion, and Backbend Compensation

  • 17


    • Bound Side Angle Pose

    • Bound twisted lunge

  • 18

    Twisting Lunge Shoulder Awareness

    • What is the bottom shoulder doing in your twisting lunge?

  • 19

    Locust Pose

    • Locust Pose Arm Options

    • Why Locust Pose Arms Are Important

  • 20

    No weight bearing sun salute

    • No weight-bearing sun salutation

  • 21


    • Wrist Self-Massage

    • Shoulder and Shoulder Blade Self-Massage

    • Chest Massage

    • Shoulder and Shoulder Blade Wall Self Massage

  • 22

    Experience Your Shoulders and Wrists Full Practice

    • 60-minute practice

  • 23

    We've come to the end

    • Use your standing poses as a blank canvas

    • Why Alignment Matters

    • Yoga Can't Do Everything

    • Integrating what you've learned

    • Request Yoga Alliance CE Credit

  • 24

    Resources and Readings

    • Yoga Mentor Podcast All About the Shoulder

  • 25

    Additional Audio Practices

    • Wrist Warm-Up and Work-Out Audio Practice

    • Wrist-Free Flow

    • Shoulder and Neck Reset At The Wall