Guidelines and Best Practices For Online Yoga Instruction

7.5 Hours Yoga Alliance CE Credit

  • Sequence with skill and heart

    Explore easy-to-use and customisable structures and processes to create sequences that feel meaningful and heartfelt for both you and your students

  • Refine your online cueing

    Develop clear teaching objectives, utilize the three different types of cues, and edit your words for clarity and effectiveness.

  • Master mixed level teaching

    Expand your sequencing, cueing, and class management skills to support a wide variety of students practising together.

  • Confidently teach beginners

    Organise and structure your beginner classes for efficient and inclusive learning, and troubleshoot common problems.

  • Go beyond the basics

    Learn how to strategically utilize streaming platforms to deliver online classes that are inclusive, supportive, and interactive.

Bonus material

In addition to the course content, you will have access to the following teaching tools

  • Sequencing Template

    Optimise your teaching with a fully customisable sequencing template to help you plan creative and heartfelt lessons for your students.

  • Guide to Cueing

    Use this summary to remember and refer to the key points from the course to help you refine your verbal cues as you teach.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Tools for Sequencing

    • Welcome and Introduction

    • Educating and Holding Space

    • The Teaching Funnel

    • Types of Sequencing

    • Teaching Objectives

    • An Example of Working with Objectives

    • Overall Class Structure

    • How to choose relevant poses

    • How to break down poses

    • How to pace your class

    • Question: Do you teach the same class all month?

    • Question: How to you teach philosophy through asana?

    • Question: Can you use the same class plan for different levels?

    • Class Structure: Opening, Check-In, and Warm-Ups

    • Class Structure: Flow

    • Class Structure: Standing Postures

    • Class Structure: Focus Postures

    • Class Structure: Floor Postures

    • Class Structure: Rest, Savasana, And Closing

    • De-clutter your sequence

    • Long-term Sequencing

    • Question: The Importance of Flow?

    • Question: Teaching Savasana Online?

    • Question: How to use asana to calm the mind?

    • Question: Is your savasana too short?

    • Question: Using music and chanting?

    • Question: Providing options for experienced students?

    • Question: Standing Poses in the Flow?

    • Question: How much time to plan and edit classes?

    • Question: Teaching poses you cannot demo?

    • Question: How to use breath rhythm in your sequence?

    • Teaching Embodiment & Final Remarks

    • Powerpoint Slides

    • Sample Sequence

  • 2

    Tools for cueing online

    • Opening Practice

    • Why Cueing Matters

    • What are you teaching through yoga?

    • Teaching Objectives

    • Self-Confidence and Self-Inquiry

    • Basic Instructional Cues

    • Practice: Basic Instructional Cues

    • Beyond Basic Cues

    • Refining Cues

    • Practice: Refining and Visual Cues

    • Visual, Metaphorical, and Poetical Cues

    • Practice: Tree Pose with Visual, Metaphorical, and Poetical Cues

    • Editing your words

    • Effective Demoing

    • Not Demoing

    • Watching your students

    • Cueing for Beginners vs. Experienced Students

    • Cueing Advice

    • Top Tips and Recap

    • How cues can add variety to your sequences

    • How to stay inspired

    • Closing Practice

    • Powerpoint Slides

  • 3

    Tools for teaching mixed levels online

    • Opening Practice

    • Are mixed level classes a good idea?

    • How do we define mixed levels?

    • Shared Experience, Practice, and Humanity

    • Basic Guidelines

    • Why are some yoga poses hard?

    • How to choose options for students

    • Demoing for Mixed Levels

    • Should I name the pose as I cue it?

    • Modifying for Wrist Problems

    • Students who can't follow, are un-coordinated, or just don't get it...

    • How to choose hard poses for mixed levels

    • How to teach: Sun Salutations and Chaturanga (and taking options in general)

    • How to teach: Inversions

    • How to teach: Forward Bends

    • How to teach: Arm Balances

    • How to teach: Backbends

    • How to get feedback from students

    • How to slow students down

    • How to deal with a student's fear

    • Recap and Top Tips

    • Closing Practice

    • Power Point Slides

  • 4

    Tools for teaching Beginners

    • What is a yoga beginner?

    • Opening Practice

    • The fundamental question

    • What to teach?

    • How do we learn?

    • How to teach?

    • How to teach poses

    • What to expect (and to normalise)

    • Supplementary Material to Offer

    • Diverse Representation

    • Recap & Top Tips

    • Q&A - Priorities, Missed Classes, and Contacting Students

    • Q&A - Teaching Flow

    • Q&A - Beginners in Mixed Level Classes

    • Q&A - Traditional Alignment?

    • Q&A - Teaching Beginners Online

    • Q&A - Adjustments and Consent

    • Q&A - Copying and Customising

    • Q&A - The Instagram Effect

    • Q&A - Stepping through is HARD

    • Q&A - Peak Poses for Beginners

    • Closing Remarks and Remembering Your Passion

    • Powerpoint Slides

  • 5

    Tools for teaching online

    • Welcome

    • Opening Practice

    • Attitude Check

    • The Basics

    • How do we stay embodied?

    • Should I buy a microphone?

    • The Group and The Individual

    • Static vs. Dynamic Content

    • Signposting

    • Sequencing for Online

    • How should we handle students who do not share video?

    • Cueing and Demoing for Beginners

    • Using the polling function on Zoom

    • How to Use Your Words Online

    • Connect and Grow

    • Teaching longer format trainings online

    • Teaching shorter format classes online

    • The Importance of Simplicity and Repetition

    • Top Tips and Recap

    • Powerpoint Slides

  • 6

    CPD Approval

    • Request Yoga Alliance CPD

  • 7

    Bonus Content

    • BONUS: Cueing Handout

    • BONUS: Sequencing Template